First attempt at filming 2WPS

Hello all,

I would like to the opinion on the general and overall technique when playing 2WPS, especially with the Gilbert lick. There’s two thinks that I’m looking at:

  1. The angle of the right arm, although you can’t see it that well.

  2. The pick slanting, I’m not always sure if it is occurring, or it could be subtle.

The good thing is I’m starting to see this in other people when I watch, so I feel that I’m starting to recognise the wrist posture.


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obvious (nice) 2 way slanting.

I paid no mind to the right arm

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Hi! Thanks for posting. This is great playing and you are well on your way. In general, you’re using wrist motion, so I’d recommend checking out the new “wrist motion” section of the Pickslanting Primer when you get a moment. There is nothing specifically wrong with your form, but more awareness of why you “see” pickslanting sometimes and not others can be helpful.

Specifically, there is a particular sweet spot of form you can use with wrist motion where you don’t really do “two way pickslanting” any more, at least not the way we have explained it in the past. Meaning, you’re just keeping the arm in the same spot the whole time and the only thing that is changing is the direction your wrist is moving. You are already pretty much doing this, which is why you sometimes can’t see any visible motion in your arm or change in the “pickslant”, and yet you can still make the string change cleanly.

Another general comment as you work on this, is to occasionally go faster just to make sure your motions are efficient. They look that way, but until you kick it past 150-160bpm sixteenth notes you really can’t tell for sure. Sloppyness isn’t as important as motion smoothness in the early stages.

Nice work.

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Hey Jon,

Thanks for the message, I am slightly obsessed with not practicing mistakes at the moment. I am using a small mirror to track the angle of the arm.

Thanks Troy, that means a lot. I am working my way through the videos, I’ve looked at the Paul Gilbert ones first. It is really difficult to stay focused with the amount of information, I am trying to pace myself, I also want to try and be musical too. So the next serious thing I will look at is the wrist motion.

Currently attempting Daddy, brother, lover, and your little boy solo. I have had to reorganise the fingerings as I am playing an octave lower on the acoustic. I may have a new bluegrass project of playing 80s/90s hair metal in the bluegrass style!

Thanks for the response again.

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Hello, here is an update from last month.

I have a new guitar, my first solid body in decades. There was a previous post about now wanting an electric, I have gone for an Ibanez RGA.

My thoughts on where I am with the 2W pick slanting, which is the goal. The movements are getting more natural. One of the things that I have noticed is my inconsistency in terms of hand positions and posture. I know that I am still finding my preferred picking.

My apologies for the bad tone. I am playing through an old Korg Pandora that I have loaned into a Polytone Mini Brute, it’s a little fizzy. I am also having to learn to palm mute again.