Fishman pickups question


Anyone here have any experience using them?

They sound pretty amazing. For a hot 80s-90s sound I’m going for the classic, but I’m wondering what the modern sets offer?

Anyone have any experience with Fishman?



I have a Schecter KM6 Mk II with the Merrow set, and I think they’re amazing pickups. There are two voicings. The modern voicing will go from say 80s hard rock to modern metal, and the classic voicing will take you from classic rock to 80s-90s. Great cleans and they respond well to the volume knob. There’s also a coil tap but for some reason they didn’t wire the KM6 for it so I can’t comment on that. I may add a mini toggle at some point so I can split them.

Even without the coil tap though, they’re probably the most versatile pickups I’ve owned.


Thank you very much for your help, very useful.

I like the sounds of lynch, EVH, John Norum, fifth angel… I’m thinking the classics… but I might want more of an edge.

I like to use a lot of pick harmonics… maybe i need the modern set?


I noticed the Merrow set has the single coil voice, but the Moderns do not.

If you don’t need a modern active sound, you’re probably better off with the Classics, and maybe just use a boost for your lynch tones.