Flexible Finger Joints

Hi guys, hope you are all well.

I recently found out that I can’t cross my fingers one of the other, like most people can.
I was wondering if this in anyway might hinder my guitar playing.
I feel as if my fingers whilst playing have always been slightly stiff even when fully relaxed at the hand. I’ve only really started to think about this recently and wanted to hear people’s thoughts and if they share a similar issue. I’d hate for my guitar playing to not live up to what my ideal goal is because of a problem like this.

Thanks for reading

It depends.
But from my personal experience I may say that if I have to cross fingers (or make similar movement) on a fretboard it doesn’t work well with high tempo. In that case I usually rearrange fingering to use more shifts, less finger-ballet.

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I can’t cross my fingers, never even noticed it. Interesting… I don’t think the ability is necessary.

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