Floyd Rose little block issue

On my bridge there are those little loose blocks that clamp the string.
But they are a pain in the ass, they fall through the saddles if you don’t get it just perfect.
Any advice on them? It’s when loosening the saddle screw to get the string in, loosen it too much and the block falls :confused:

Strange, that has never happened to me in 18 years of living the floyd lifestyle.

Only thing i can think of is:
There are holes on one side of the block, at least on the ones i always had. When you loosen the screw just a bit, the blocks become loose and the strings go out, but the block wont fall off because part of the screw is still in the hole. If your blocks fall off, you might have turned the screw too much.

Btw, i am looking forward to the new pickslanting primer material, cool to be back :smiley:

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its a 1998 ibanez S with a lowpro 2 trem. Aparently the 2 is not the best.
There are holes (divets) for the screws pin to be in, but it’s a pain if it falls as you have to try get it out with no real tool to do so.

Is it a regular thing for them to fall through? I don’t use Floyd’s often due to how hard they can be to set up.

anyone else had this issue?

yeah that happens with the lopro and lo trs trems I got rid of mine and installed a gotoh. A great upgrade for 120 bucks.

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I’m pretty familiar with Ibanez trems, and I can’t picture what you’re talking about. Is there any way you could share a picture here?

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My Carvin DC127 has the Kahler licensed Floyd on it. The little blocks can be a pain with that. Might I suggest a little strip of painters tape to keep them stable?


I can’t record anything atm but the pic Jazzcat posted shows the blocks

I will try that, if I put something next to the blocks it might grip them

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The little black string blocks?

Those are pretty easy, actually. They have little circular indentations in one side that the string lock allen key presses into. So, for one, if they’re aligned right, it should be possible to loosen the string lock enough to remove the string and insert a new one, but not so much that the block itself is loose.

That said, I always play it safe and do string changes one at a time with the guitar facing up. That pretty much ensures they’re not going anywhere.

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I think mine falls a little to easy, but the guitar upright is a good idea, always the simple stuff that you wouldn’t think of lol or at least I wouldn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I’ve spent probably more than 20 years of my life working on Ibanez trems now. It’s the little things. :laughing:

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