Flying Fingers Syndrom! HELP

I’ve encountered a big problem in my playing.
FLYING FINGERS (When fretting a note the fingers just fly away from the fretboard therefore i lose economy and a lot of speed) and i think its the only thing that is keeping me away from the Shredding speeds,
How to fix that , what mindset to go about , and some practice exercises to help me destroy this bad habit, Thanks in advance to all the forum users <3

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Foremost, relax. Perhaps try tapping with your fingers on a surface to isolate the movement - kind of like MAB talking about picking his fastest while tremolo picking and Troy/Shawn Lane talking about playing fast before slowing down.

Also, this old video shows Rusty Cooley talking about left (and right hand) technique; it helped me to bits back then:

Perhaps CtC will feature some left hand material some day… hmm…