Forearm Rotation Problem

Hello @Troy CTC Team and guys here !
Trying Forearm Rotation after watching Volcano seminar , Trial n error , and Yngwie of course.
Its about 3 months now that I am trying it. Dont know anything about how to practice this perfectly and get it right or get it in Natural Habit . So, need some help about it , I can play with this Movement in particular tempo but when m trying to play fast its getting sloppier you can see in this video even the sound disappear and can’t synchronize it with my left hand. Hoping for actual Solution of this. @Troy

It’s not easy to tell from the video, because of the motion blur when you speed up, but:

It seems you’re not actually doing the same motion when you move fast as when you move slow. The fast motion looks like you’re shaking your arm and/or wrist, almost “jumping” up and down (in and out from the guitar, that is) in quite an inconsistent manner.

In other words, you haven’t found the right motion yet. The synchronization is secondary here, first you must find a smooth, fast motion. To do that you must keep on changing things until you find something that works, until it “clicks”.

I suggest all the usual stuff – different grip, different pick, different angle perhaps, different anchor points. For forearm rotation, try having more of a “break” at the wrist (i.e. bending the wrist more), and so on.


I think you are right , coz i feel some kind of jumping thing every time . i m trying already to do it in different position with other picks etc. lets see what happens .