Frank Gambale harmony course

Has anyone tried the Frank Gambale harmony course? I am interested in expanding my horizons and it got me intrigued when he talks about it in his interview.

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I haven’t seen it but Levi Clay, who does transcriptions for us, worked on the notation for it and said he likes it. Keep in mind Levi is a pretty knowledgeable about both harmony and getting around the fretboard, aka “mapping”. Levi says Frank’s course is not about mapping, or knowing what shapes to use to access lines on the fretboard. It’s purely harmony. In other words, it’s more like here’s this kind of chord and what it sounds like, and here are the kinds of scales I like to play when I’m playing that chord, etc.

Thanks Troy, that sounds like what I’m after. Frank’s summed up my own thoughts when he said that he used to know blues stuff inside out, but wanted more. It’s a bit pricey but they do a 12 month plan.
By the way I’m loving the interviews. They are a massive resource for almost anything you want to know. I dont think I’ve ever felt this inspired about playing and learning guitar.