Frank just shredding


Hey guys! I wanted to share this short shredding video. I did it for D’Addario “Play Fearlessly”. They asked me to do and I´m still very happy about my playing.

In 1989 I studied Jazz guitar at a very traditional music conservatory (Bebop, Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, Charlie Parker, etc.). I never had a teacher who tought me technique. We just played jazz standards. Since 20+ years I´m playing mostly Rock & Metal. Influences are Yngwie, Gary Moore, Petrucci and many more awesome players. Being a great Troy Grady & CTC fan, I decided to upload this short video. I have no idea about my technique - is it DWPS? Is it UWPS? Crosspicking? I`ve never analyzed my right hand technique.

Hope you like it - be kind
Cheers, Frank


Nice, great playing there! Love the tone too. :metal::notes:


Wow, do post more, I’d love to hear how all those classic influences can sound in a shreddy context. Sweet setup!


Cool stuff! I like that you have someone handing you the guitar whenever you feel like playing :smiley:

it seems to me that your fastest picking, say around 0:26, is done with the elbow. This would mean escaped downstrokes and trapped upstrokes. You can check easily: take any sequence with an even number of notes per string - starting with an upstroke should make all string changes feel effortless, while when you start with downstroke you should feel that some kind of extra movement is required to move from string to string. If my impression is right, that is :slight_smile:

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haha - that was part of the D’Addario challenge :wink:

A few years ago I had an accident and I had to change my right hand technique to a more elbow/tremolo picking technique. When I´m playing a even number of notes per string I always start with a downstroke. I can´t do it with upstrokes :wink:


There goes my theory :joy:

But then it can’t be only elbow - as the elbow joint can ony generate diagonal pickstroke trajectories where the upstrokes are buried under the string plane, while downstrokes escape.

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