Frank's picking

My USX is giving me issues. Any ideas on how I can fix it?

The second video is DSX.

In the first video I see one motion (wrist/forearm USX?) when you are starting the tremolo (slow) and then you change to another (elbow driven DSX?). Are you aware of this?

I you absolutely must have a USX motion, I’d say try something radically different – otherwise your body most likely will revert to what it already knows, which seems to be wrist or elbow DSX. For example, try a different grip and a different arm setup.


No, I wasn’t aware I was changing motions. But now I can clearly see it, so thanks for that.

Yeah, I think I will have to try something else. I tried moving the pick around on different points of my thumb but that didn’t seem to get me anywhere.

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Maybe try doing rest strokes on the next string. That way, you know you’re not switching to a DSX motion.

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I have to put in an immediate vote for the second clip. It’s pretty smooth and quick, dude! Sounds stable and looks like a lot less effort. Me, knowing what I know now and having spent a bit of time in the hole, I’d run with that one that works; It’s extremely powerful and you can already do it! Heck, that’s like free money! DSX works great for me, especially and any of the stuff that that escape doesn’t seem to work with can be fixed by messing with the note arrangement, or using sweep, legato or hybrid. Really, You’ll find the same with USX too.

I do DSX wrist with a Trailing edge, BUUUUUUT I used to do elbow/trigger grip, and can still whenever I want and it’s no joke - you can do a lot of pretty awesome stuff with that. I went through the entire Frank Gambale Speed Picking book, and quite a bit of Marshall Harrison’s Swybrid book…

Anyways, not that I am trying to lure you to the dark side of the force or anything but that new seminar that Troy and Tommo did is really, really perfectly suited for you - Metronomic Rock would have you doing all sorts of ridiculous and cool things in a quick hurry I bet!


With that smooth DSX motion from the second video, I wouldn’t even bother with USX. I suggest investing in what’s already showing results.

There will be time to try some USX later if you want but right now you’re sitting on a pot of gold with that DSX tremolo.

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