Free live broadcast with Mika Tyyskä aka Mr. Fastfinger — Tues. Aug. 21 @ 2pm ET / 6pm UTC


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Live broadcast with Mika Tyyskä!

Tuesday, August 21 — 2pm ET / 6pm UTC

Mark your calendar! We’ll be on air with Mika tomorrow afternoon, talking music and technique and answering viewer questions live.

It’s a free broadcast, and we’ll be streaming to YouTube — but to submit questions, you’ll need to log in to the Cracking the Code Platform and head to our Live Studio.

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Click the link below to tune in at the appointed time!

Cracking the Code Live Studio

If you haven’t yet watched our full interview with Mika, check out the interview excerpts below for a preview of his tasty tone, musical creativity, and incredible chops.

Everything Mika plays is just damn beautiful—readily apparent when you take away the backing tracks to reveal the lush guitar tones beneath.

Mika Tyyskä plays his awesome tune “Effortless”, and discusses the genesis of his seminal “Guitar Shred Show”—a pre-YouTube viral hit.


Really happy y’all have introduced us to Mr. Tyyskä’s work! :slight_smile:


I love his style and tone, would be great to see him magneted :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I can’t watch it live, looking forward to the upload!


Cool! I should be able to catch it live! :sunglasses:


Mika is one of those rare guys who can shred when he wants, but he also has great songwriting skills to back it up. He’s one of the best instrumental guitar writers I’ve heard in a long time.


Any chance of a quick detour back into how he goes about sculpting his tone?


Should I tune in? lol


With regards to his tone - I would like to hear some about that. His tone seems to learn towards to high mids and treble end of the spectrum, I’d like to know more about it.


Mika’s calling in from Finland so unless you have some physicist tricks for warping the space-time continuum, this one’s going to be a Magnet-free!


Indeed. Mika sent some closeup shots of his entire rig and we’re going to step through each setup he does. We did this sonically in the first interview, but it we didn’t have a camera on the pedalboard, so now we’ll get a look at that.


@tommo, I literally received a capacitor and some flux in the mail this week if you can do anything with that…? :wink:


We’re live! Tune in here if you’re around :slight_smile: Lots of good questions already—


sup? Had ta come over here and give ya a shout-out and see what the hubbub was bub!


What’s up Castille? Not too much going on.


It was cool to catch the live broadcast yesterday. I kind of expected the technical difficulties. But when it worked, the quality was really good for a live event between two remote locations. Besides, we had Mika playing for us some tasty licks while the CtC team was away for a few minutes.

What I also liked is Mika’s enthusiasm to show us his special sounds and pedal board. I would have loved to hear more of his distorted tone. Also, I saw a cool super arpeggios video on his Youtube channel. It would be nice to see more of that. But I think we’ll see him again in the near feature as he seems to enjoy this kind of interviews.

Cheers \m/


Great interview and it was cool hearing about Mika’s gear.

His amp settings seem to be on the contrary to the sound coming from it. He runs his treble and mids quite low and has his bass higher…unless those settings are there to throw us off.

His tone reminds me of a treble boosted Brian May / Tony Iommi sound, although with a bit more sparkle.


Hah, I saw your question about EQ yesterday during the broadcast. Sadly, they didn’t get to discuss it. They didn’t get to ~half of the questions :disappointed_relieved: Well, at least they talked about other ~half of them and some other things as well :slight_smile:

All in all, it was a cool event :+1: I’m definitely going to steal few licks from the time Mika was left alone to entertain us :innocent:


Yes it would have been cool if Troy got to run through some of the questions. I guess with all the technical difficulties they didn’t get time.

It was great hearing Mika jam and it was a nice surprise hearing Beach Turtles at the end of the broadcast.


I’m not at all familiar with the tone stack on a Hughes and Kettner. In my experience most folks are not aware of how very differently various circuitry’s (and or modeling of the same) behave. Anyone know that amp?


Well, I own H&K but it’s a Statesman combo so I’m afraid Mika’s settings may not produce similar sound on my equipment :disappointed_relieved: