Fret Buzz on brand new LTD EC-1000


I bought a LTD EC 1000 guitar from a guitar shop last weekend and it played ok in the store, it was setup with 10’s tuned to E standard.

When I got it home I switched out the strings for 11-52’s and tuned down to C standard. I also adjusted the truss rod for 0.10 mm relief and the action at 1.5mm on the Low E and 1.4mm on the high E.

I’m noticing significant buzzing on the G string when I fret certain notes, on the 15th fret it’s the worst but it gets better lower down and higher up.

My feeling is that there is a problem with the frets and I should take it back to the shop as for a £1000 guitar it should be better right?

Something else I did was to load it with heavier strings 12-54 and the buzzing was still there, more noticeable actually and I found the guitar much harder to play so I went back to the 11-52’s.

I was just wondering what other peoples thoughts were? does this sound like a problem with the frets?


Was there any buzzing before you adjusted the setup? If there wasn’t, it sounds like the frets are levelled correctly and you may need to make some adjustments.

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1.5mm action with very loose strings (11-52 in C standard is less tension than 9s in E, IIRC) is a recipe for a lot of buzz IMO. I’d raise the action a bit.


No there wasn’t when I played it in the shop that I could tell but it was setup with different strings and the action was higher.

I’ve got another guitar setup with 1.5mm action with the same strings and the tension is fine no buzzing so it’s definitely this guitar. My question is why would is Buzz at certain places i.e. 15th fret on the G string but be fine on the other strings. My feeling is that the frets aren’t the best. If it was going to buzz it should surely buzz all over not just in some places.

I tried raising the action a bit and also the relief, also switched in higher tension strings and still the buzz. With the higher tension strings the buzz was worse.

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Take it back to the shop and show them. Ain’t no way that’s the first time they’ve heard that problem. LTD guitars are good instruments.

If its a new guitar and you can’t sort it - that’s the first place I’d go (assuming you haven’t already).


Yeah I’d also say take it back to the shop and let them have a look/listen

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