Fretboard visualizer for custom scales

I’m looking for a fretboard visualizer that I can plug custom scales into and print out a black and white fretboard with the scale notes in place. Something like this would be great, but converting the result to black and white (with adjustments to get there) just comes out a mess. I looked at doing it with guitar pro 8, but it doesn’t seem to support it. Any ideas?

Have you tried “Layers”? It’s pretty good if you’re into geometry and diagrams and stuff!

I use Neck Diagrams, it’s great if you’re happy to spend a little money :slight_smile:

You can put in whatever you want and have your scales/chords appear as notes, fingerings or intervals. Very customisable so you could make it black and white and the scale generator is great, choose any scale/chord/arpeggio from a list or enter custom ones and it can lay them out automatically in CAGED or 3NPS form. Here are some examples of what mine looks like:

Thank you, this might be exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll test it to see how it works in B&W.

This is good. Is there a way to click on something like C# and have it automatically add all C#'s?

You have made me curious: What are you doing with these?! :grinning:

I haven’t used it in a while but I don’t think so, you’d have to manually add them all to a fretboard but you could copy and paste that fretboard once you’re done :slight_smile:

Guitar Scientist Editor does this and way more, I think.

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I’d never heard of that site. Ridiculously powerful - for free!!?!??!


Thanks for sharing!

Very generally speaking - the pieces I write aren’t always in ‘keys’, so I take the notes from the composition and map them on the fretboard and practice that.


That reminds me of my days in college when I was studying composition and we got to set theory and 12-tone stuff. Just for “listening pleasure” I always ran the other direction from either of those approaches. But man was that stuff fun to write! Particularly the set theory because there would be the little pockets of tonality that were refreshing but in general everything else was unpredictable and you had to focus much more textures and dynamics, instead of spending so much time on typical considerations. Plus it fostered creativity in general, trying to do interesting things with devices like inversion etc. There were a few themes that just sort of “presented” themselves that were some of the most interesting I ever wrote and I never would’ve arrived at them if I were “in a key”.


What?! This looks awesome, thank you for calling it out!

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You’re welcome! I haven’t spent more than maybe 20 seconds on it, but you guys are encouraging me to dive in more. I make my own charts with spreadsheet tools I’ve created, which has its pros and cons. I’m a control freak so I like using things that I’ve made, rather than using other people’s systems, but I’ve seen some of what GSE can do and it does seem appealing.