From sweep picking/blues-bending licks into fast melodic lines

Anyone have any thoughts on this? sweeping an arp and then going into a melodic, say 3NPS phrase and maybe back into a sweep?

Do you sweep with a wrist and keep the wrist technique While going into a 3nps phrase?

Do you use elbow/forearm for the sweep THEN switch to wrist or vice versa?

Also, blues licks with bends THEN going into a fast picking melodic line?

(Warren Demartini (Ratt) did these pretty well if I’m not mistaken).

I’d like some info from you guys.


That’s a lot more common than you think. Look at Born of Osiris - Machine for example. Sweep followed by scale run.

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I checked it out. There’a repeating motif in the first solo (which is cool).

Tom Quayle does a good job with interleaving all those styles I mentioned.