Fujigen Gakki MIJ Fender ST57-70TX

I’m really impressed with this strat, the neck is substantial without being too big. Love the texas special bridge pup, haven’t yet got to the neck and middle as one of the tone knobs seem to be falty and locked them into a darker sound, will fix in the next string change.

Havent played this track in 10 years, needs some dusting :slight_smile:


Great playing and the strat sounds fantastic!

My favourite guitars are made in Japan. I have a Tokai Tele MIJ that I would never sell, plays like a dream.

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Thanks, Bill, this guitar is giving my YJM a run for its money, can’t seem to put it down. It’s got skinny frets but that doesn’t seem to bother me.

I so badly want a Tokai tele. Great guitars, a friend has one.

I have my eyes on a FGN tele, but they aren’t cheap. But I think I should stop on any new purchases, I have three stats now, better get them up to point first. Love strats, and I thought I was a tele guy in between :slight_smile: