Funk Guitar by Ross Bolton - Another YT treasure

Another fantastic lesson by a legendary guitarist and teacher, who is unfortunately no longer with us.

If you are like me and neglected your rhythm chops for a while in the pursue of shred… prepare to be humbled (in a good way :slight_smile: )

Sharing in the hope that this is on YouTube legally:


Thanks for this. I’ve definitely fell into the ‘ignoring my rhythm chops’ trap recently.

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Errr… your assuming I had them in the 1st place! :see_no_evil:


This has been alot of fun. Ive been learning more funk and 7th chords recently so this has been a great way to mix up the practice. Keep on finding these gems!!

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Thank you ! I’ve been focusing on shred stuff recently and this feels like fresh air

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any chance where I can find the booklet to accompany this? Willing to pay

For those who don’t know him, you should definitely check out :Cory Wong

But the funkiest guitarist when it comes to riffs, has got to be Mark Lettieri and his Baritone Series:

Sorry, but I keep forgetting what is the trick to post youtube videos directly in the post…why don’t they just make a button for it??

Thank you for the suggestions @chumbo, love those players :slight_smile:

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I have a feeling it may be long gone, but the company who produced the Bolton video (Video Progressions?), had a website some years back and was selling this as a download as well as some bass videos such as the Rocco Prestia one.

I don’t recall if there was a booklet included, but there is a book “Funk guitar: the essential guide” which Bolton wrote and is published by MI. This is a good companion to the video, it covers a lot of the same material.

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