Gambale Intro Ballad

Loved the Gamble solo. I just have a question hopefully somebody can answer. is the solo in a particular key or is there a scale he is mostly using? I know he jumps around with different scales to outline the chords. wasn’t sure if anybody could tell me the scales/chord progression. thanks a lot!

It’s a progression in G minor (or C dorian). The bass is chromatic, so it can be tricky to ID the key.

Cm7 | G/B | Bb6 | Am7b5 | Ab maj7 | Gm7

The way Gambale improvises is using modes or arpeggios over chord changes. So on Cm7, he’ll often use C Dorian (b6) or Aeolian, or C minor pentatonic (or G minor or D minor pentatonic - the 5th and 9th above the root), or the arpeggio with tensions (9th, 11th, 13th).

On different chords in the key, he’ll use a different mode or arpeggio. So on the Am7b5, he might use Locrian, or Locrian #6, or Aeolian b5.

Long story short, Gambale never just runs up and down one scale in the key. Everything is based on chord tones, and following the progression. The Frank Gambale Technique Book explains a lot of this harmonic system.

Sweet…thanks alot!