Garageband vs Audacity vs FL Studio

Hey guys, For a long time I have been looking for a music composing app. I am a beginner in composing and would like to try out a few songs. I have a Macbook Air at my place. Which is the best app for MAC if I want to compose music?

Check out finale too. I have been using it lately to chart out stuff for a class i’m in. Obviously the sound engine is just ok but if you want to score something then it works.

When you say “compose,” what exactly are you looking to do?

  1. Write out music in standard notation, with some way to play it back but with the end product being the written score and not a recording?
  2. Produce music using midi or electronic instruments of some sort, or by layering pre-recorded loops?
  3. record yourself playing instruments, possibly augmented by things like MIDI or drum loops as in the above approach?

Three very different scenarios, and with very different programs that would work best.