Gary Moore - "Empty Rooms" Solo Cover by Niko v1

When I used to say “I want to improve my technique”, what I usually meant was: “I want to be able to shred like a madman”. :smile: But at a certain point I realized that technique is not just how many notes I can play per second.

The often “forgotten” aspects of technique involve inflection and phrasing, expressed in vibrato, slides, pitch control, bends, pull-offs, hammers, timing, tone control, dynamics etc etc.

Inspired by a very gifted player, teacher and friend I decided to really pay attention to and work on my technique, including all the aspects mentioned.

Suddenly, especially in combination with recording myself, I started hearing all kinds of stuff in my playing that I didn’t like. Out of tune bends, wrong timed bends, lack of dynamics, questionable vibrato, clamped up playing, you name it. Pretty confronting and painful stuff.

Fortunately, there is hope. I decided to take a solo that I really liked since I started playing the guitar some 25+ years ago, and try to play it to the best of my current abilities.

This solo is not fast, but it is deceptively difficult in getting the phrasing right and especially the bends timed correctly and in tune.

I used to think that I could play this solo, and that it is an “easy” solo, but there is a big difference between being able to play the correct notes of something, and play the notes correctly.

Is this take perfect? Far from it; I still hear a lot of room for improvement, but it’s definitely much better than I was able to play it before discovering CTC and before the insights and support of my teacher/friend.

I am open to all kinds of critique, be ruthless :smile:


I thought that was pretty great !
Nice timing and very clean playing.
My only suggestion would be to use a bit more vibrato, and make it a bit wider and slower - but that’s very much a personal taste thing so other people might disagree.


Thank you for your kind words and for the suggestions :pray:t2: I will make another one with a more aggressive tone and wider vibrato to see how that goes.