Gary Moore Out in the Fields Run - help!

Hi all,

So I’ve decided to once and for all crack this gem of a solo.

For some reason I have to start on an upstroke - (I use UWPS mainly) as the string crossing gets tricky at the muted part .

Should I be doing this starting with a down stroke? I’ve watched the Pickslanting primer but was wondering am I being weird starting on an upstroke?

See the run at around the 2:45 mark

doesnt really matter whether you start on up or down…obviously it only begins to matter when you get to any string crossing parts. Its whatever is more comfortable for you on the string crosses and then you can rearrange the lick to match your preferred string crosses

Though I worked long and hard to be able to do any kind of string cross needed, when I do this kind of run I generally will use economy picking to ALWAYS go to the next higher string with a downstroke…since I would much rather use inside picking when going back and forth between strings as in this type of lick

for instance, starting on a downstroke:

G-------------------------------------------------------2—2–4--2–4 etc

starting on a downstroke means that the cross from A to D will be with a downstroke…but then as you ascend the cross from D to G would fall on an upstroke. I can do it that way but I find it way easier to just use economy picking to get the last note on the D and the first note on the G with one downstroke

Let me save you some grief:

THERE IS NO “SHOULD” in any of this.

No “shoulds” and pretty much no “matters”.

here is a tab…of course it doesnt match the fingering Gary used in the vid but the notes are probably right anyway

again, it doesnt “matter” where or how you play it.

Hi Jon

Thanks for the reply and the tab!

I already can play the full solo at around 150bpm

I’m probably overthinking the run though, I just need more time to burn the accents in my motor system.

Moore being an UWPS player seems like he may start it with an upstroke also (although he does go into legato near the end)

Reason I start with an upstroke is most of the string changes are outside changes and this fits well with my natural UWPS form.

I will post some vids in the respective section of the forum when I get a chance

I seen a guy on YouTube play this up to speed starting on a downstroke which was cool, but all those string changes inside are awkward

actually in the vid, if u watch his right hand, u can see that Gary is legato’ing some of those early notes in that run. Most likely for the same reason u and I stated…certain crosses are easy for us and some suck. Same would apply to Gary so he worked around it. He legatos a few notes in the beginning then falls into his comfy worked out pattern

Absolutely. I’ve watched a few GM live videos on Youtube and he definitely uses legato to help him play this run. Once he gets to the notes on the B and E strings he seems to pretty much alternate pick them.

Love this solo (and song). One thing that threw me when I figured it out was that even though it sounds like pure ascending fours, it’s not. I think it was when the run got to the B and high E. My “chunking” wanted it to be straight fours, always made it awkward to tell myself not to do that in those parts.

Thanks guys, really appreciate you chiming in.

I will get it eventually I think, just need to keep playing it fairly slowly with the Metronome.

I never get sick of listening to this one Haha

I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much if you can’t play it with strict alternate picking. I honestly doubt that GM played it entirely alternate picked when he was in the studio.

I play it like this. Gary Moore would indeed use some legato but I can´t seem to do that. So I alternate the whole run and swipe some of the stringshifts.


Loved it man, really good stuff thanks for video

Absolutely 100% solid!!

This is very true - I also wouldn’t worry too much about getting all of the notes 100% as the tab- its more the idea and attitude of the run that counts in a solo like this. I have had a bash at it and I changed the fingerings and the odd note just to make it flow for me. Not up to tempo yet (maybe 150 bpm ish), so I might practice this a bit to see what happens…

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Currently doing it with no metronome just playing along with the song
Gonna go DWPS economy for the run

Awesome, make sure you update us with your progress!!

Hey I will thanks man I need to get a clamp for my iPod so I can film it t the proper angle

I would say to be careful assuming what he does in this video is how he actually played it - isn’t this mimed to the record? - although it is undoubtedly useful in terms of his own mindset and the approach to the structure of the lick. For example, I notice that he seems to ascend using a repeating lick on the first string at many more positions than given in most of the tabs out there, which frankly is easier. I also query the 11-13 to 17-13 move on the b string - is this right?

Ok so here is where I am so far - No video yet as I have no clamp or stand

Hope you enjoy and I’m starting with a Downstroke this time - feels like your use too much wasted motion starting on the upstroke

Ged - Out in the Fields Solo 17-08-19.mp3 (1.3 MB)