Gary Moore pickslant


Just curious any ideas as to what pickslant gary moore used

My normal right hand style
Bluegrass players

One of my favourite players ever!!

I believe this video holds the answer:

I’m guessing UWPS due to his pronated hand position. He’s definitely a wrist picker with lots of legato, but I’m not 100% certain so best to wait until someone else can give you a better answer.


Wow that’s a killer video. I’m most familiar with his work in Thin Lizzy and and his early solo material so seeing him play these kinds of lines is pretty rad. I’m not seeing too much slant here, though the hand position lends itself to UWPS. However I’m wondering if he’s doing more crosspicking movements plus some hopping between legato lines.


This is it. You’re seeing uwps crosspicking, like what Molly does, anchored on the thumb heel. The upstrokes use “dart thrower” wrist extension / deviation blend, and the downstrokes are deviation. No idea he played this way. The earlier stuff like Dirty Fingers was always a little sloppy so perhaps this evolved later. He says something at the end of the clip about “I can do all that now, I couldn’t do that before” - I assume he’s talking about jazz but could be the mechanics as well.


Here’s the closeup:


Thanks Everyone for your replies this is the first time I have asked a question on a forum due many to seeing rather uninformed responses being the norm this was informative/insightful very pleasant surprise


No worries. In fact I haven’t thought about Gary Moore in a while and this clip that @aliendough posted is genuinely cool, revealing movements I didn’t know he made. So hats off to you for asking.


This is the whole “Gary Moore in conversation” video we can find. A piece of awesomness but unfortunately with the hours of searching in the past I couldn’t find the whole interview. Im sure there should be some more. I link also the site Guitarlifestyle maybe they have it somewhere hidden :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hi people!
A friend asked about Gary Moore’s picking run in Out in the Fields at 3.45 in this video. What kind of picking technique is this and how would you guys play this kind of run?


I think it looks like uwps. But is this also crosspicking?


It looks like ascending 4s done with some sort of primary uwps with swiping, but it is not clear how he achieves some of the string changes, I don’t see any rotation in the pickslant :thinking:


If I remember correctly it’s very similar to the big scale run in “Victims of the future” , which I think was a 3 note coil thing - but a major part of the sound was it was part of it was done with 2 fingers and fret slides on the high strings.

I saw G.M. play that live back in the day - he was on a pneumatic riser thing just for that part of the solo! - theatrics ftw :stuck_out_tongue:

Another interesting factoid: this was before the days of accurate easy to get tabs books - I bought a “Solo tape” from a magazine that promised me - Victims of future, Wishing well and a few other solos - turned out - it was a guy with his guitar - and a shitty mono tape recorder - speaking out the notes! “String 3 fret 5 bend to 7 - fret 8 to 9 e.t.c…” no joke it took hours to learn that solo - and the guy had a lisp to add to the mix!