GCAN 1nps exercises from Rock Discipline

Hello there! Just getting on this topic last night I was watching the good old Rock Discipline and got into those “inside and outside drills”.

Thinking about doing it “fast” but in a speed that feels smooth I ended up with the following Clips, would be nice to have a fresh pair of eyes to see and tell me if it looks like a efficient motion or not.

[Inside - Normal Speed]

[Inside - Slowmo]

[Outside - Normal]

[Outside - Slowmo]

Keep on rockin!

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Moved your post to its own thread for convenience, also edited your YT links so that they embed:

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Long story short: sounds good but I measured the speed at approximately 90-100bpm 16th notes. At this speed you can get away with inefficient motions so it may not be representative of “realistic” fast 1nps playing.

Also, I always found these super-repetitive exercises quite awkward! Another possibility is to try passages with varying numbers of notes per string (including 1nps — for example a min7 arpeggio in a single position), and trying to play those fast.