Gear used for acoustic interviews

I’ve been very impressed with the sound of the acoustic guitars in some of the interviews. Particularly, the David Grier interviews, the Molly Tuttle interview and the newer Carl Miner interview. Does anyone know what mics and other gear were used to record the guitars in those interviews?

Hi! Sorry for the delay. The early Grier, Tuttle, and Miner interviews were a mix of the omni lav mics that come with the Sennheizer AVX wireless, the internal mic on the iPhone in the magnet, and the Zoom H6 stereo audio recorder pointed at the guitar. The mixes were complex, where I blended all three mics with some eq, compression, and reverb. I think in all these cases the lav mics were allowed to essentially bleed into the guitar mix and become part of it, so I didn’t have to do any ducking when they spoke. But this means when their lav mics are ducked for any reason, the guitar sound is different.

The latest Grier interview is the simplest. Just the H6 for guitar. Compression and EQ to bring up the bass, because David picks very close to the bridge, and some reverb. This creates a standalone guitar track. When David speaks, the guitar track is totally ducked, and when he plays, his lav mic is ducked. If he speaks and plays, you’ll hear some reverb on his voice — that’s his voice bleeding into the H6 guitar track. Sometimes when that happens, the lav mic is brought up a bit so you can hear him better.

You could reproduce the latest Grier interview with just about any stereo pair of small diaphragm condenser mics pointed at the guitar, and in a pinch, could do with just one and maybe some verb. Probably still sound great placed in the right spot.

Hope that helps!


That’s awesome, thanks! I don’t have any small diaphragm condensers at the moment, but a Zoom H6 may be in my near future! Thank you for the details on using Compression and EQ to bring up the bass as well. I’ll definitely keep those in mind as I’m recording. I appreciate it!

They came out with the H8 recently which looks really nice, if I were in the market I’d check that out — prices aren’t that different.

Nice! That H8 looks great. I think it’s more than I need honestly, I’m just going to be recording my acoustic with it, I don’t currently have plans to do any actual field recording (obviously, haha). Since I don’t really need the extra features, I’m debating between getting an H6/8 and just spending the extra money and getting a good small diaphragm condenser.