Getting a New Guitar Soon

It’s a Fender Dave Murray Strat.

But, I have to wait for a month to make sure all funds are available for it.

Anyone else hate waiting when getting a new axe?

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Your guitar looks great, and I hope that you enjoy it! Indeed, I didn’t realize that Fender actually does make a super-Strat, but they do… yours.

These days I do want (to some degree) a “cute” guitar, but almost nothing is factory scalloped, hence I just assemble Warmoth parts now.

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Fender does factory scallops on a few signature artist models.


And that guitar you posted is a really interesting guitar. Looks sick. :slight_smile:

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My dream guitar was this, and I tried to order it from Fender (er, “Jackson”), but they basically didn’t want to do anything, and I was very disappointed.


I ordered a custom built guitar in 2012 and was told that it would be delivered in 12 to 18 months.

It was finally delivered in mid 2015, more than two years later than was originally promised.

The guitars I am interested in are hard to get locally it seems. 2020/21 Ibanez models - forget about it. Supply chain issues I have been told.

USA Jacksons - if you can even find a second hand one you want - you’d have to buy from overseas sight unseen etc.

I have heard ordering new USA Jacksons have a huge wait time too.

Congratulations on the new strat, expect a full review please :slightly_smiling_face:

I waited three years for this one. Plus at the end I was asked if I’d be willing to sell it back to the builder!

The neck profile has no taper, but is incredibly comfy.


Dude I love the St. Vincent signature lol… such a unique looking guitar, always wanted one.

@Twangsta what make is that bad boy? I’ve never seen anything like it, looks awesome.


It’s a Lentz Croydon Carvetop, once in a lifetime guitar kind of thing, at the time was making decent bread; ofcourse since covid it’s been very different. I need to get back on the horse if I can only put the guitar down :sob:

Reviews will be coming when I buy it. A month away from having enough funds. The wait SUCKS, lol.

And that’s one sick axe!


It’s definitely nicer to buy one in person or if online one in stock ready to ship. I’ve ordered them from ESP USA and the wait times were in the 6 month to a year range. Those were long waits.

ESP Japan will make just about anything you can dream up but it will be expensive and take a long time.

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I lived in Japan for abour a year in 2019. Went to Tokyo and checked out ESP, surprised to find out that the wait is just as bad if you’re local (at least half a year).

It’s the same line for everyone. I have friends at ESP USA but I go to the back of the line like anyone else. I bet the Japan custom shop wait is well over a year now.

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