Getting Mechanical With Martin Miller


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Ok! Folks we are ready to go with a new conversation with Martin. The subject of this one is specifically Martin’s technique, with the express goal of figuring out exactly which motions he’s making, so that mere mortals like the rest of us can take a stab at learning this.

How far did we get? That’s up to you! We’ve got some very clear footage of what’s going on, and both Martin and I have had some time to think about this. So we came prepared with more targeted things to look at, like anchoring and grip. While we have definitely not boiled this down into an idiot-proof tutorial of the sort I believe should exist for all picking techniques, we are closer.

And regardless, it’s always fun to sit down with Martin because he’s a fellow nerd in the best way. And he plays guitar real nice too.

You can find the interview on the platform right here, tabs to follow in the next few days:


Awesome!!! Great work!!!


Cool! I’ll take this as a Christmas present from CtC.


Some good inside-the-sausage-factory stuff in this one.



Is it possible to only buy this Getting Mechanical?


If you’re referring to my stubby fingers, thankfully they get less screen time than Martin’s more graceful anatomy!


Hi, good question! I think we will have a download product for this, but not sure yet if it will be a standalone purchase, or as a bundle with the other Martin Miller interviews. We’ll get that sorted in the next week or two, once we have all the tabs complete for this.


It would be nice if your voices did not cut out when Martin was demonstrating something. You have to guess what he is trying to explain and all you hear is a guitarlick.


Sorry for the issue. Yes, this will happen a few times here and there with the way I have ducking set up, but I thought it was infrequent enough and clear enough from context what we were discussing that it didn’t matter. I see I was mistaken! I can take another pass at this and pull up Martin’s mic on those occasions. It will take about a day to make these edits and get it re-uploaded. Stay tuned.

As a reference, when I go manual on these kinds of edits, this is what it looks like, and why it takes longer than you might imagine:

Note that this kind of process isn’t possible for things like live broadcasts - if you want good sound, the humans (!) need to know to not talk when the guitar is playing. It’s a balancing act.

Anyway, we’ll take another look at this.


That would be great!!


Just wondering if this is a full on guitar tech talk and playing session?


Not sure what you’re asking, but this interview is pretty similar to our others. The difference is that we can address the mechanical stuff more directly since Martin knows what they are. So in addition to the usual, hey play this lick, there’s more of the “hey, how is your hand moving” type of talk - from both of us. It’s two nerds fumbling toward understanding!

Spent a few hours on another pass at the audio and was able to pull up Martin’s mic in spots where the ducking cut it during the guitar playing. It’s a smoother watch now. It’s uploaded on the platform and downloadable as well. Let us know if you spot anything else.

Also, tablature is up and downloadable.

Thanks folks!


Sounds good. I asked because the Mika interview didn’t have much technique chat in it IMO. I will pick up the Martin interview, although if you’re going to be having a sale for New Year I might wait…


You are awesome your work is much appreciated. Thanks


Yeah we’ve got a small end of year sale planned, 10% off downloads from Xmas thru New Years. More detail in an email we’ve got coming I think day after tomorrow. Or just visit our download store post-Xmas and discount should apply automatically. Though do note Masters on Mechanics subscription is still lowest cost way to watch & if you subscribe now you’ll get a download copy of the new Martin interview since it’s our most current release!


Thanks Brendan. I will renew my subscription and hopefully I will get to see January’s material too!


Just subscribed and view the new Martin material. It is awesome!!
Thnx a lot @Troy and @Brendan !


I just subscribed and am watching the Martin Miller interview now. His intro solo makes me want to quit guitar! Such precision and accuracy and with a clean tone too.


yeah they all blow me away at first but it lessens after a few watches lol.

The first Teemu interview is pretty staggering