GodFather in YJM Style


Technique : In This video on single string patterns i used Forearm Rotaion from open postion ,no muting , in a word EVH type rotation but not from the elbow its totally from the wrist . After seeing troy’s HELP I CAN’t PLAY FAST video , i decided to find out my best position what feels the best for me . and after a week with this hand position i can get 180 BPM tremolo . This is just my rendition of GODFATHER in YJM STYLE i will upload the close picking video very soon .


Haha that’s cool you really captured YJM’s attitude! If he were to play a piece like this he would totally squeeze in a million super fast notes in all the pauses of the melody, like you did :slight_smile:

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Absolutely ! but if he play this in 2021 he will attend more musically then shredding stuffs as we know with age we get more lazier , thats just my opinion …

Great playing and really nice tone as well!

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Hey thanks for watching ! hope you enjoyed …

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This was so awesome man! Thanks for sharing :+1:

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i m honoured ! glad to hear that …

Nicely done! Loved it. Great playing.

Ha, this is cool! Great work!