Going 100% acoustic?

Anybody have these crazy thought creep up ever? I’m kind of tired of playing with tons of electric gear only to never leave my house with any of it.

I think I could be perfectly happy with a nice portable acoustic amp and guitar.

If you’re going 100%, why even have an amp?

I feel this though. I bought an archtop years ago (having never played one before) because single note lines just sounded / felt much more exciting, for lack of a better term. The music I love to play / write doesn’t fit an acoustic vibe, but it’s definitely a sound I enjoy all on its own.

That’s true, the amp is secondary in my situation. After giving it more thought, I’ll get a good acoustic for sure, but I’ll keep my electric gear as well, I should do more song writing to keep my interest going.

I love mcLaughlin etc, even bluegrass, exciting indeed. I actually love a lot of acoustic guitar players and their music.


I remember getting a fun sound out the kemper’s acoustic simulator:

But there’s something about a great acoustic.


I very nearly did it about 13 years ago. I was just burned out on the electric guitar.

My honest opinion is that the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar are fundamentally different instruments. To really excel at either of them, you have to approach them differently.

When it comes to acoustic guitar, I very rarely use a pick. I also use alternate tunings and capos much more frequently.

of course but some how i find more rare gem electric guitar gear that i somehow need. or the acoustic side just gets even more pricier with the cost of gypsy jazz guitars. so i just play on my cheap 299 ibanez 21 fret classical. that is the other problem with the acoustic side is that it can be challenging to find 21 fret or more guitars with easy access unless you are ok with buying online. but i like to go to a store and try things out before i buy something. alot of the times even though the guitars have cutaways and 21 frets they have this annoying shark fin at the neck joint. so make sure you do your research on what kind of a neck joint it has before you buy anything.

one thing i would suggest is you might want to get a thicker body, because the one i have the body is thinner cause its an acoustic/electric so if you play without an amp the sound can be quite thin. i kind of prefer it this way so its less noise to the other members of the house.

here was a cool portable amp i was checking out with a battery system. never got it though probably wont as i dont busk yet lol!

I recently did a sort of similar thing: After conservatory I was entirely burned out and bored on classical guitar, same for electric shred.
So I recently switched „paradigms“, now I play acoustic only with a pick, and electric just with fingers. That definitely helped in sparking interest again.

That a cool idea, maybe I should start on slide!

Used to have an amazing godin multiac duet which I sold for a vigier, what a fool I was. it was brilliant with a fishman loudbox. I later tried to replace it with a cheaper version but that one sounded terrible and suffered a bad case of neck dive.

That’s quite a thing man, some day you will come full circle and kill at both even more.

If I get an acoustic I’m going to go the doc watson way with a thumb pick…

Acoustics are a whole new level of blowing money, I’m headed out to town next weekend, a buddy who has a store wants me to try out a fancy builder Taylor 8 series with a port hole where a cut away would be, forget the model number. Luckily I can’t afford it, I then heard a demo of a 912C Builders Edition online. Lord have mercy…

The high gain tones are just frying my head right now, woke up two days ago and just couldn’t stand it. I hope it will pass.

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If you’re going to start slide on an acoustic, I’d recommend a heavy walled brass or steel slide. On electric I prefer a heavy walled glass slide, but I think glass sounds pretty anemic with an acoustic guitar.

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That’s good advice bro, I forgot about that, I had a really nice heavy brass one for acoustic years ago, electric slide I always think of trucks and garsed, though I think garsed uses steel, can’t remember.

Garsed uses glass. Dunlop 212 specifically.

I’m a huge fan of Brett, he was the reason I started using a slide.

Steel can sound good on electric but I find brass really harsh on an electric guitar.

Did you ever see that performance on his DVD, the last one he did, playing his blue sig guitar, that gig was insane, fud fight was immaculate, punchy.

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Yep. One of the ludicrously underrated players ever.

my DVD got a spot right on that damn track :frowning:
theyre not on sale anymore, I had his singed with my name version :slight_smile:

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