Good news bad news: Guitar in forthcoming animated movie

So, the trailer for the Dreamworks movie “Trolls World Tour” is out now.

The good news is that Crazy Train and shred guitar motifs feature in the trailer, and one of the main characters is an 80s-inspired rock guitarist.

Bad news is that the rock guitarist character is a villain who is out to “destroy all music except for rock”, presumably inspired by seemingly every closed-minded rock guitarist on reddit and youtube comments.

That’s great news,
When loud distorted guitars no longer scare old people I’m out

At 1:27 the metal troll holds up her pick… it is a 351!

This actually looks pretty funny, hopefully I’ll get to watch it as an in-flight movie or something.

The bar for guitar in animated movies was set REALLY high by Coco. They clearly filmed someone playing the parts and had the artists animate that.


Aimee Nolte did a cool video breaking down the Oscar-winning song from Coco: