Got my magnet - what are the spare parts for?

I received my magnet and about to start working with it, but there is a small bag of what looks to be spare parts in it and I’m wondering if there is any additional assembly required (?).

The bag was actually open, but I think everything is there:

  • two washer-kind of things
  • a spring
  • two more magnets
  • a rod with a screw end

Uhh I only got two rubber bumpers, idk what the rest is… can you show a pic or vid? As far as I know it should be ready for use from the box.

I only got the two black pads :upside_down_face:

This is it as far as I’m aware you got some lucky extras lol

It looks like those parts fell out of one side of the magnet. I’ve installed them. It makes more sense now.

This thing doesn’t seem to like Les Pauls, though.

Why not les pauls are not that wide of a neck, can you make a video?

Mine will fit just about any guitar

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It fits width-wise, I’m having a hard time keeping it from sliding off. It’s probably because this is my first time using it.

I had the same issue, the rope is what anchors it extra, have a look again at the video instruction Mounting The Magnet – Cracking the Code

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