Greeting from Boston

Hi, I’m Michael, I’m a guitarist from the Boston area. I’ve been playing for 29 years, I mostly listen to a lot of flavors of metal, some of my favorite players include Jake E. Lee, Marty Friedman, Tony Iommi, Abbath Doom Occulta, Randy Rhoads, J. Mascis, etc.

I definitely fall into the classic “stalling at about 16th notes around 130-140 bpm” trap, so I’m pretty excited at the prospect of breaking out of that. I’m mostly self-taught with some lessons here and there, and I haven’t spent a TON of time drilling down on specific technique, preferring to play along with records/tabs on ultimate-guitar.

I’m very “patiently” going through the Pickslanting Primer in order (at the “Identirfying Wrist Motion” section at the moment.), and traditionally run into string skipping at high speeds as a big issue, apart from overall speed. Looking forward to chatting with folks on here!


I love Boston, I miss Regina Pizzeria.

Fellow bostonian here, welcome aboard!

Pep - if you’re ever back in town, you HAVE to check out Area Four in Cambridge. IMO, the best pizza in the city.

Strong words! Might go there sometime “soon”-ish, at least in the next couple years lol.

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