Greeting to all

Greetings to all,

My name is Gabriel Moreno, I am from Bogota, Colombia, I have been playing guitar for 19 years and I have a thrash metal band.
Although I have been practicing for a long time, I have had a totally empirical learning and in fact I composed most of the band’s first album without musical theoretical knowledge, only with my ear.
Currently I have been studying in depth the scales and the theoretical structure of them and have managed to improve considerably in composition, however I feel that I need to improve considerably in execution for what I find on this site since I think it has what I need To improve my technique.
I leave the link of the first album of my band for those who want to hear it

thanks to CtC for all the information and effort.


Hi Gabriel, welcome to the forum and thanks for joining! Definitely let us know if you have questions after checking out the material, or anything else we can help with :slight_smile:

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Your Band is awsome, go tour europe! :smiley:

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Hi and welcome to CTC! Great forum to meet fellow guitarists and make new friends :slight_smile:

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thanks @J.P.Amboss. nice to meet you!!!