Greetings from a long time pick "sufferer"!

Hello from a Greek living in the UK!

I am a bedroom guitar player who takes it rather seriously though,I always try to improve and I feel I have hit a plateau(not for the first time) with my picking.

I have been playing on and off since I was a child(46 now),started with classical guitar and moved on to electric when my music tastes started to veer towards rock/metal as I started growing older.
I am a left-handed player who was taught to play as a right hander and I do not know if this might be part of the reason for my picking woes.
I have changed the way I hold/use the pick a lot of times,initially was holding it with 3 fingers,last iteration is what I think Troy would call an extended trigger grip(have already started watching the vids) and I sincerely hope that in this place I will find good guidance on how to finally overcome my picking issues…it is very disheartening when you decide or you are told that the way you do something for ages is completely wrong and then you spent loads of hours practising something new only to eventually realise/find out that that was wrong as well.

Having watched the youtube videos (which were a revelation,I feel like what Troy went through when he was learning is very similar to my experience, it just never clicked for me unfortunately) I am very confident I am in the right place!

Looking forward to get to know everybody here, you all seem super friendly from a quick browse that I’ve already done!
Eventually I will try to post a video of myself playing so you guys will hopefully see what I am doing wrong and how I might improve but I think I will spend some time watching the material/browsing the forums first,I have already glimpsed nuggets of wisdom in here and I am thirsty for more :grin:


Welcome from an Italian living in the UK :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks for joining and welcome! We’ve got some interesting discussion of guitar handedness here on the forum, it seems like it’s a bit different from player to player so no clear answer…but hopefully you’ll find at least one picking technique that works well for you!

Awesome, sounds like a good plan! Let us know if anything’s confusing as you go through the Primer and definitely swing by the forum any time with questions :slight_smile: