Greetings from Austria!

Hi there!

My name is John and i’m (as the title suggests) from Austria. First, i’d like to apologize, if my english is not the best. I hope, my language knowledge is sufficient for this post :smiley:

I think, it will be best, if I use the post template for my introduction:

Where are you in your guitar journey:
-How many years have you been playing?
actively playing about 2-3 years. It’s kinda hard to tell for me, because i posses at least one guitar since about 11 years, but started to play it “seriously” only about two years ago.

- What musical genres are you interested in?
Classic Rock, 80’s/90’s Rock, Blues, Dreampop/Shoegaze, Metal, Swing
(pretty much every music, that is not mostly made to be a cashgrab)

- Particular things you’re excited to learn / talk about here?
the way to become a decent “shredder” as a whole

How have you gone about learning guitar so far:
- Self-taught? Regular lessons with a teacher? Both?
i had a pretty good teacher many years ago. Most of the theory i know comes from his teachings. I know about the minor/major pentatonic, caged system, standard chords, power chords - the absolut basics i would say. Unfortunatly i was a pretty big slacker, so i dropped the lessons after about 6 months.

Before I subscribed to cracking the code i watched some cool lessons from Ben Eller and for theory stuff StitchMethod on Youtube

- Have you spent much time on technique before finding our stuff?
About 3 months in alternate picking lessons. Daily about 45 minutes.

- What Cracking the Code material have you watched?
initially the 12 parts Cracking the Code series on youtube. And i really, really need to thanks to Troy for this revolutionary work. I’m not ready yet to grasp the full potential of the material, but the story alone sparked the fire in me. I feel/felt so motivated after the first couple videos, that i switched my past main hobby with playing guitar. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I wish, I would have found your videos sooner. Today i watched through the first chapter of the Pickslanting Primer playlist - Picks.

- Can you comfortably play a scale? At roughly what speed?
yes. Minor/Major pentatonic at about 120bpm

- Any particular things you find yourself stuck on?
fundamental theory basics, smoothness in playing - but this is just a matter of practise i guess :smiley:

Also I’d like to add, that i teached myself some guitar tinkering skills some months ago (soldering, setup, electronics - that kind of stuff) - since than i like to modify cheap guitars, so i’m kind of a mild case of a gear head. But not that kind, who spends more than 1,5k on a guitar. :sweat_smile:

Ah yes, i almost forget to tell you my favorite guitar: my 2012 Fender American Special HSS Stratocaster (which, of course is modded by now :smiley: )

Anyway - thanks for reading and have a nice evening!


Hey John, welcome and thanks for signing up! Let us know what you think as you get through the rest of the Primer, we’d love to hear any feedback / updates on how it goes. And feel free to share any guitar tinkering stuff in #gear, I think a lot of folks here would find that interesting :slight_smile:

Hi Brendan, thanks. I will keep you updated. Also thanks for suggesting me to post my tinkering stuff at #gear. Finally I found a place, where i can talk/write with people with the same interests as me :smiley:

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