Greetings from Barcelona

Been playing for 10-11 years. Huge fan of Shrapnel era 80’s shred, but also new wave of shred and most branches of metal music (prog-power-classic-melodeath-…). I’ve had formal lessons in music and guitar, but most of my current technique has been developed as a “self-taught”.

I’ve been lucky to not struggle with picking, as I practiced content from “Vinnie Moore’s intructional videos” which unconciously made me develop my DBX motions. I’ve been playing with a default DSX but with DBX - crossPick escape motions (depending on the lick) similar to what Andy Wood does (although not as good, obliously :sweat_smile:), but didn’t know what I was doing until I found out this Forum via youtube.

Thanks to to you guys I can teach new students ways to improve their playing as I can understand my own playing better now.


Welcome @Arnadius!! Let us know if there’s anything we can help you with and looking forward to your contributions :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard!

I am a broken human because every time I hear Barcelona I think Fawlty Towers and then start giggling.