Greetings from Brazil!

Hello there!

My name is Khalil and I’m a 32 years old mandolinist from Brazil. I’ve played professionally for a few years but I happen to be in between jobs right now. I’ve just been accepted at a conservatory.

My main interests are in Choro (brazilian urban genre from the late XIX century), Brazilian Popular Music (also known as MPB) and Jazz.

I’m a self taught musician. I got almost everything I know from studying written methods (books) and by learning songs by ear.

The Choro repertoire can be very challenging for both the left and right hand. Ultimately I’ve been struggling to perform fast songs while maintaining a clear sound.

That’s how I found Cracking the Code on YouTube.


Welcome! Glad to have you on board!

Never heard of Choro, could you suggest some essential tracks that would give me a great intro to the genre?


Choro started forming in the late XIX century but it developed in the XX century. It went through many phases and it’s still going through changes in these days.
One of the greatest soloists and composers of this genre was Jacob do Bandolim (1918-1969). This tune was written by himself and gives the name to one of his most impressive albums which was released in 1967.
This tune, specifically, doesn’t require much from the picking technique in terms of speed but the ornaments that he uses are quite difficult to mimic.

Vibrações - Jacob do Bandolim

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Thanks! I really enjoyed it and managed to check out some other tunes. I really like the style!

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Feel free to ask me for any reference in this genre. I will be pleased to help!

Eae meu chegado, muito legal ver Brasileiros aqui compartilhado o Choro!


Tamo junto, meu parceiro! Se precisar de qualquer coisa tô por aqui!

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