Greetings from Poland!

Hi everyone, my name is Damian and I’m 37.
I’m educated classical guitarist who plays popular music on acoustic and electric guitar , having some interest in songwriting and develop myself as a vocalist.
As I teach many people I feel great need to improve my picking skills - that’s how I got here.

After few video films from Pickslanting Primer I already feel better. It seems my wrist was not moving at all, mostly I’ve picked with my forearm. I feel little confused that I have to watch so many movies to get to the exercises but now I’m ok with that.


Hi Damian, sorry for missing this earlier! Thanks for joining and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Glad you’re finding the material useful so far. I know it’s quite a bit to get through, but hopefully worth it…and we’re always looking to improve both the lessons themselves and the overall organization, so definitely let us know if you have questions / feedback at any time!