Greetings from Turkey (but Currently in Germany!)

Hello everyone!

I guess I skipped the crucial step of introducing myself and got started with posting my technique critique, so here I am, a week late :grinning:

I am Altay and I come from Turkey but I am currently living in Germany as a student. I study mechanical engineering in english and I am in my last semester (yay!). I will get to start writing my bachelors thesis (its about elastohydrodynamic lubrication, its a mouthful :sweat_smile: ) in a couple of months and then on I go on to masters.

Playing guitar is such a big part of my life, basically any time that I am not studying I have my guitar in my hand, noodling around. It is a great way out of stress for me but I also want to have “perfect technique” or something as close as possible to that. I am a huge fan of guys like Malmsteen, Joe Stump (hence my aged vintage white strat if you have seen my technique critique!) and also J.S. Bach, so I guess neoclassical/baroque music is my main interest. I also love blues players such as SRV and Philip Sayce. So being able to play like them is my ultimate goal! I’d love to have a solid DBX technique to be able to play complex arpeggios and melodies without any limitations in moderate to fast tempos and “a top gear” economy USX superspeed!

I have been playing guitar for 10 years now (I started when I was about 12 years old). I took regular lessons for about 4 years and the rest of the things I learnt online via some Udemy courses and youtube videos.

Until the point I discovered CtC, which was March 2020 (thanks to the lockdown in Germany and the cancellation of my exams I had time!) , I had no idea what I was doing with my picking hand. I always thought that “it was okay and I couldn’t be doing it wrong” since I could reach 120-130 bpm 16th notes while fully alternate picking. I thought I just had to put in hours of practice. But of course I always wanted to play faster but never really played any of the songs I wanted up to speed despite practicing daily. I was completely unaware of my picking hand and discovering the amazing material here really helped me to understand what I was doing. And by understanding what I was doing or at least being aware of it I now have the possibility to improve!

So I’d say I have been playing / practicing guitar properly for only 5-6 months :smiley: So far I have only seen the free stuff on youtube and here on the website about CtC and it has really been eye opening. I was thinking of saving up for the Pickslanting Primer but I dont think I can get away with that, there is so much amazing things on the website here! I can’t buy them all! I really would love to support the CtC team as much as I can and learn these concepts in more detail by getting the subscription, but it is quite difficult as a student! :confused:

I am aware of the scholarship that is offered here on the webiste and I think I will apply for it, I really hope I get the opportunity to be a member here and be able to deepen my technique knowledge and take part in the discussions more actively! :smiley:

I honestly think that what the CtC team and the people here on this forum are doing, is revolutionary in guitar technique. I heard literally no one talk about concepts like escape paths, pickslanting and which joints and muscles are used to create the desired motions. I feel like instruments like piano, violin and finger-picked classical guitar all have certain techniques that every teacher knows about and teaches the students. For picked electric guitar (or blues/rock guitar) we are missing such information. I strongly believe and hope that the stuff that is discovered (or noticed) here will be taught to the future generations of guitar players. When everybody has got their techniques figured out we all can focus on making music and enjoying the instrument even more! :grinning:

I guess some people say that the stuff discussed here is obvious, and it actually might be to them and maybe these are not “groundbreaking discoveries”. However, I believe that coming up with a common language to be able to communicate properly and spreading the information is incredibly amazing and respectable work! I am really happy to be a part of this community!

One of my lecturers in my university mentioned that in order to improve something, one must first measure it. I feel like the information here enables us to “measure” and then understand what we are doing so we can improve ourselves and help one another to improve!

I especially love the discussion environment in this forum. This is my first time joining any internet community and I feel really good about spending time here! I am really excited to talk about DBX (I am trying to figure that out currently!) and I am thrilled to discuss technique ideas with others on this forum. I usually get ideas popping in my head and with no one to discuss it around me, they just get lost in my mind. I’d love to share and discuss various ideas or approaches with people here on the forum!

I guess that is it for my introduction. Thank you for reading it so far, sometimes I get too caught up in writing! I am looking forward to learn and discuss guitar and music with everyone on the forum! :grinning: