Greetings ! On my journey to a better alternate picking ) Trying my best )

Hello ! My name is George . Playing guitar is my everything . I’m into metal ,classical music . And always find brute force alternate picking fascinating . Not in the most efficient way ) But still , something very exciting about that rolling moto perpetuo style ) Anyway - here’s my journey into the world of alternate picking , still a lot of work to do , hopefully - i’ll make it ) Not much … but )

Made in two sections .

Don’t judge me on drums and overall mix . Want to learn Fracture moto perpetuo part , but - you know , 22 years - not a joke )


These are awesome! Your technique seems really fluid, really satisfying to watch.

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Cool cool ! Very cool.

This has inspired me to go back and try play some Morse and Fripp again. I emphasise try, and the reason why I haven’t revisited them before is because I am sure I will disappoint myself… again.

It’s the same with some of the Vai stuff and Yngwie stuff, I purposely put off even thinking about trying to play some of that stuff until I’m at a better level of playing. Will I ever be at that level though ? Well I guess I’m over halfway thru my life so there’s time, maybe :slight_smile:

But… if you don’t challenge yourself then you may never get there I guess.

Great playing anyway, very impressive, and welcome to the community.

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Well, you have to start somewhere… that kind of thinking - I have to be really good at a before I can even think about b can be a one way ticket to nowhere.

I think this guy that I quoted below says it best:

I agree with you - challenging ourselves is what getting us better . Though , i’m always making almost unreal task to complete - here comes the disappointment , it’s difficult to set realistic goals ( But , hey - one way or another , it’s all just a part of experience )

Sorry - English is not my native language (

Thank you ! Trying to avoid ‘‘jerking’’ motions as much as i could . And , thankfully - it does pay off )

Just parroting everyone else when I say great playing and thanks for sharing!

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Thank you , if there is a question ( not that i am a guru ) - glad to help .