Greg Howe “Jump Start” cover


Here’s a cover I did of Greg Howe’s “Jump Start” . I Tried to be as faithful to the original as possible, including that elusive “Introspection” tone. Was definitely a fun one to work through, and there were some sections that really kicked my butt. Hope y’all enjoy. :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard, nice cover

I think u just post the vid on its own line and it pops up automatically


AH! I thought I tried that, but who knows. Probably user error on my part. :wink:



Damn, some badass playing there! Nice job. I like that guitar too. What is it?

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That’s a Strandberg J6 (Japanese series). Super ergonomic and barely weighs 5 lbs…

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Superb playing there, introspection is one of my all-time fav albums!


Thanks! Same here- that album definitely changed my idea of who I wanted to be as a guitar player / musician.


You have a nice channel Matt, loving the modes talks! Very cool!

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Much appreciated! The modes were always something that I struggled with as a kid until i “got it”. I did my best to simplify the way I demonstrated them the same i way I picked them up years ago.


Well, I’m def going to learn from them. Do you teach guitar professionally?

So glad I’m on this forum, what a great place to learn!

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I don’t teach full time anymore, but I do generally have time for a handful of Skype students during the week. Hit me up if that’s something you are interested doe the line and we can see what we can work out. Glad the videos are helping you!

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Awesome bro… glad to have you around!

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This may well be one of the most impressive vids on this forum… really felt the vibe on this. Hard enough to remember it, let alone play it!


Abrupt Terminal next please, with lessons and tabs hehe

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Top notch, what was the signal chain?


Thanks. That’s the Strandberg straight into the Axe Fx II XL. Amp is a CA3+ with a mix of 4x12 cab IR. That’s into the focusrite interface into Logic Pro X. I’ve got a compressor, EQ , and 500ms echo on the final track in an attempt to better match the tone on the record.

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Sounds great, it’s your vibrato that really makes it, absolutely killer.

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That was fantastic! I’d love to see a lesson on how to play this - or less ambitiously, on how to achieve the Greg Howe tone!

Edit: you could call the lesson “Greg, Howe do you play that?” :sweat_smile:


Thanks! That’s a big compliment. I did try to nail the overall vibe with the vibrato. I appreciate it!

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Haha yes indeed. I did this for a school project - we had to pick a player we admire and really dig in and research the player, as well as learn a selected song or two. I had 12 weeks to knock it out, and I pretty much did nothing but Greg Howe if I was awake lol