Grip-Strengthening Exercises?

One of my dogs pulls like crazy when I walk him and it really wears my hands out!

While I am working with him in hopes of a more controlled walk, I have also been thinking about working on my grip strength. Interestingly, I’ve seen many exercises like the ones mentioned in the video below.

It’s the same flexion and extension, and deviation we know here at Cracking the Code but with some weight added. I’m being super careful with this, but wondered if anyone else here has done similar exercises and if so, did they impact your playing at all either positively of negatively. Thanks!

Hand, Wrist, & Forearm Strengthening (Best Exercises-in our Opinion)

Back in the days I made some wrist exercises with a barbell… injured my wrist, it took half a year to heal it. Be careful people! Or at least don’t be a stubborn idiot like me ignoring what your body is trying to tell you )

I found that small workout improves the overall picking feeling. I guess it’s related with innervation/control/bloodstream etc. As for grip… Actually I’ve been learning to use less grip strength recently. It helped me with USX.

Apart from the physical risk, I’m not sure there is much point. There are plenty of examples of people that absolutely rip on guitar, but look like a light breeze would knock them over! I don’t think strength is needed - A pick is not heavy and strings are not bars of steel.

Wouldn’t stretches be more helpful? To keep flexibilty and bloodflow???

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I fully believe every adult already has strong enough hands to play guitar well. What they lack, is the knowledge regarding how to apply their grip strength to the guitar in an efficient manner.

Maybe watch the videos in this thread:

That said, if you want to develop grip strength, do pull-ups and take up climbing.