Guitar Kata Exercise Licks

I’m back after a 10 week stint at everybody’s favorite censorship company.

I don’t know for certain what was the root cause of his issues were, as he never revealed those to me, but the project manager got me fired. His emotional issues were clearly directed at me beyond hindering my productivity, which he fussily did for most of my stay there, to the point where he deliberately blocked everything from me, thereby giving him an excuse to fire me, which he had others do for him. Kind of a waste of time.

Anyway… Time to get in guitar shape. Are there any series of katas or exercises (other than typical lousy fith-position pentatonic type stuff you find on other artist websites)? Either chromatic or scale or arpeggio is cool.

Sorry to hear that!

You can revisit one of the classics with CTC knowledge! For example: Rock Discipline by John Petrucci.