Guitar Recommendations

Hello, I am primarily an acoustic/archtop guitar player who is now slightly obsessed with picking and I want to look at some Racer X and Paul Gilbert tunes, just for fun to see if I can get there.

I would like to a guitar that has:

  • a fixed bridge or potentially a two post pivot trem.
  • preferably a maple fingerboard
  • flat radius
  • 22 + frets
  • plain looking (although, I secretly want a floral Jem)
  • HSH or HH
  • at around £500 - $650

Quite happy with something that is second-hand. I have been looking at the Ibanez RG421 and liking the look of these. Is there anything else that is less well known than an Ibanez?

Please, let me know what you guys think.

Please note I do not own this but I researched and actually ordered it but it was back ordered 3 times.
So I canceled the order and got an amp.

But you can find this used very reasonably priced
And I still plan to get one.

I have heard enough good about it that I’m sold.

Your mileage may vary

Edit, the one I was looking at before had a different body I dont like the one shown in this pic

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Well, I’ll go into some less popular choices, just to save you the trouble of having a Floyd and get you a MIJ weapon of shred.

Check out the following models and if you find one grab it without hesitation:
Grover Jackson Dinky
Grover Jackson Soloist
Charvel Model 1
Ibanez RT series
Caparison Dillinger C2 (the only one with an FR but it’s worth it))

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I’ll add this to my list, thank you. Never thought about a PRS.

Thanks Bill. The RT is very appealing, I have just watched some reviews on YouTube for the RT. I also like the Charvel, I saw one with a more traditional headstock which I prefer.

I’ll set some notifications on eBay. Thanks!

Based on your desire for a Burner (Ibanez JEM), I’d take a hard look at an Ibanez of some ilk.

PRS makes a nice guitar, but I’ve personally never found a neck I could tolerate for very long. I really have tried, but nope.

But if Gilbert/Racer X and Vai’s guitar makes you swoon. Ibanez all the way. I’d personally like to have one of PG’s 80’s spec RG models. The one with the painted f-holes.