Guitar, Rock documentaries you recommend?

What’s your favorite guitar, rock, metal, band documentaries, concerts?

Probably not what you were looking for but I love the journey doc about how they found the new singer.

Anvil: The Story of Anvil

Heavy Metal in Baghdad

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Gotta be Spinal Tap! Lol True story!


Hired Gun, a documentary about session musicians with lots of cool interviews and stories.

I saw it on Netflix a couple years ago.

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Not a doc, but for concert films, Stop Making Sense (Talking Heads) is really good.

I haven’t seen many, but quite a few on this list that look great:

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Heavy metal in baghdad really blew my mind.

I remember when the metal-yellowpress had a controversy about joey de maio’s “I would die for metal, seriously”-interview. The idea sounded so ridicoulous because it really highlighted the difference between the martial rhetoric in metal lyrics and the actual quite cozy lives many fans and bands enjoy. In less fortunate societies, however, that claim is a realistic possibility. Amazing how much passion these guys had for their music.

I guess I’ve always thought of it as the outward expression of inner turmoil. Like, the swan looks like it’s not got a lot going on but its feet are kicking like shit just out of sight.

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I thought “a headbangers journey” was quite neat. It is pretty much exactly what you d expect from the title but sometimes goes away from the “metal-fans-are-so-cool”- stereotypes that the target group wants to hear and spends time to explore some niche topics.

If you are interested in some underground exploration, there is this gem on youtube about one-man-blackmetal projects:

Its vice, so it is fancy and artsy and wants to be cool but i think they did a good job portraying those guys. I love it because the passion for music shown here is very authentic, imo. Its obvious that these guys need music to deal with the human condition.
These musicians create their art in isolation, never play live and have almost no contact with their many fans. I am not saying this is healthy behaviour but they offer a perspective on music which is much more personal than the “we are Mötley crüe and we made a band to get laid”-type of thing.

Last but not least: “Centuries of torment” the official cannibal corpse documentary is on yt for free! It features commentaries from many of the scenes greats, and there is even some musician talk in there :slight_smile:

Even if you’re not a Foo Fighters, Nirvana, or analog recording fan, “Sound City” was awesome. The first half is the story of the rise and fall of Sound City studios and the history of the Neve board there; the second half is a series of live-in-the-studio performances of various musicians who had been part of the Sound City Studios story writing and recording songs with Grohl in his own studio, after he bought the Neve when Sound City went under.

The Muscle Shoals documentary is on my list too, but I haven’t gotten to watch it yet. Ditto with “It Might Get Loud.”

I also remember seeing a youtube vid Of swedish metal
There were several guitarist interviewed and it was interesting

Not Dead Yet. Jason Becker.


There was a very good 10 part series that aired in the mid-90s called “The History of Rock N’ Roll”. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the interviews from it sliced up into other 30 minute programs over the years as well. Probably floating around on the intertubes.

Good lord, can’t believe I forgot that one, Whammy.

Also, there was a pretty good Netflix (?) documentary on punk rock that I caught the last episode with a buddy a month or two back.

And, who could ever forget “The Decline of Western Civilization Pt. 2: The Metal Years”? I’m a happy camper.

Netflix has “The Dirt” which is a history of Motley Crue. More interesting than a documentary, but the real guys aren’t in it except the end. Still very enlightening.

Thx guys, gonna check some of these out