Gumroad library addtions

Hi all,

I just bought the Teemu Mantysaari interview.

Can I add it to my Gumroad library? It would be great to be able to access it anywhere!




Thanks for the note, and sorry for the confusion here. Gumroad was the “starter” service we used before we had our own web site. Now that we have our own site, we don’t use Gumroad any longer, and there is no way to get newer stuff into Gumroad.

Our site works on phones, tablets, computers, you name it. It is the “anywhere” method of accessing all our stuff. Not only that, but you now also have access to tablature and slow motion video “anywhere” as well. And you can zip back and forth between interviews and tablature because all the times are linked.

If you’re looking for downloads of items you bought or earned from us, even those that you may have originally accessed via Gumroad, you can find them all in the “downloads” section of your account, here:

Let us know if that helps clarify!


Thanks, Troy!