Guy plays entire passion and warfare album in one take

Hey people!

This is my friend Alex davenport

he plays entire albums in one take. Its madness. Thought you might like to watch

ps we/he are english :slight_smile:

he is a cool guy and chats to everyone. Feel free to contact him. He has some full EVH album covers plus others on his youtube Alex5000


The leafblower is a nice touch lol.

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Amazing. The lack of responses here is weird, since it is maybe the greatest guitar instrumental album ever made. It won a Grammy. Simply impressive.

It might be that people don’t have a whole hour or so to watch and appreciate it. I’ve listened through Liberty and 1 minute of Erotic nightmares. Its really good!

Yes it’s a shame it has not had more views. It blows my mind tbh.
Alex does Facebook live streams where he plays full albums note for note LIVE!!

I’m not sure what comments are you expecting. Since CtC forum is all about picking technique, not sharing cool videos. I’m pretty sure that Alex is a good guitarist, but I don’t think this topic would be interested to many people… Unless you name topic like ‘Look at this guy’s picking technique’ or something like that ))

@PickingApprentice Truly. It’s long AF. I didn’t watch the whole thing myself.

@ASTN Haha. True. As a novelty it’s pretty amazing though. I didn’t even look at his picking!

Cool video, and a great resource for those who want to learn the material.


i just meant in general on youtube not here mate :slight_smile:

The little I’ve seen is “far beyond the good” :wink:

I hope he is called Alex5000 because he’s 5000y old and practiced the electric guitar for at least 1000 of them.

Yes! Looking at the player’s hands is my favourite way of learning a song (assuming of course that the fretting is clear enough to see).

Oh… ^_^’ my bad

5000 bctc (before CtC) :))

Actually, I like to discover new people. I’ve found recently one guy - Akira Wada from old fusion band Prism. He is not a shredder, I just like his sound. And that characteristic japanese raw sound. Totally random discovery - I was searching for japanese folk songs actually ))

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hahaha well played good sir

Look at this guy’s picking technique starting from 30:00.

(Hello :slight_smile: )

Considering my mobile traffic any video longer than 2 minutes scares me of ))