Hand speed just reset?

So, heres some backstory. Earlier today I was practicing my picking with a metronome, currently Im at 80bpm. I was playing it with a few mistakes, but overall I was keeping up good. But, something came up and I had to leave my practicing for a few hours. Now, I literally JUST got back, and my hands cant keep up with it anymore? It feels like im a newbie all over again. Ive been working on picking at 80BPM for quite a while now, but my hands feel like they just reset. Why did this happen?

Be great if you can make a video, but one thing to keep in mind is no matter what level you’re at, your nervous system is dynamic, so that means it adapts on the fly, if you go off and do a different task with it, it adapts to whatever you’re doing, so you have to “warm up” or recalibrate the nervous system to preform well again.

It takes years to ingrain a pattern that needs little warm up. And even then warming up or recalibrating the system helps even if you’re the best in the world.