Hanky Pooh's Picking


Hey, thanks for the feedback Ian. I will analyze this tomorrow. I notice when I lock my fingers up, I am using a extreme leading edge to keep the pick from grabbing on the strings. By letting my fingers move, even when wrist picking, It assists the pick in gliding over the strings.

My picking is really pissing me off to no end when I film it and watch it back. Like tonight… I think I’m doing good practicing with no fingers… watch hand video back… extreme leading edge… scratch scratch scratch…

I’m getting offline to go calm down. Good night.


Scratch scratch scratch and pick grabbing, I know those two evil sisters all too well. I get that horrible flipping fracking farging harsh scratch from edge picking on the low E and A strings. I use a pretty steep edge pick so to get rid of it I have to adjust the angle a bit on those strings. It’s that or let the tip of the pick dull a bit but then I don’t get the sound I want on the high strings.

As for grabbing I get those days. For me it’s the pick digging to far into the strings. I can pick hard but I can’t let the end of the pick get too deep or it get, to phrase Ben Eller, grabby like my Aunt Julie :slight_smile: Think I’ll try to get a video up this weekend so you can see the pick scratching & grabbing.


I think the man definitely needs a Rolex.


Ha! Or draw some dots on the skin with magic marker. :wink:



No @Frylock the Rolex will work fine.

:bear: :watch::sparkles:




Hi everyone! I thought I would share my latest video with ya! I am unboxing and talking smack about a used “lemon” Kramer I got recently. lol.

Hey @Frylock I did the Rolex Picking for ya at 6:05… I forgot to draw the Rolex on my arm though. That would have been awesome. Damn. I notice that I am tightening up my 2way economy at 4:07… I am actually picking everything descending if I want to now. I didn’t do any alternate picking, but I am able to 3NPS alternate just as fast as sweeping now. I sweep when I’m lazy, or just don’t feel like alternating. I’m keeping alternate in the toolshed though. :bear:


Phrygian always reminds me of the “dramatic tension” incidental music from the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon.

It’s funny seeing how uncomfortable you are with that flexed wrist thing at 6:05, since so much of the rest of what you do is so fluid. And in case you haven’t noticed, your rhythm picking (e.g. 3:50) has that blend of forearm rotation and wrist flexion/extension we talked about in some of Teemu’s playing. My default alternate picking is pretty much that with a more subtle wrist flexion/extension motion.


Hank I really don’t see a problem with your picking, it looks good and you seem pretty fast to me bro. You seem to have your technique dialled in.


Hey @aliendough and @Frylock thanks guys! Yeah, I’ve realized I’m happy with my right hand now. lol. I’m focusing on phrasing and timing improvement.


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!! Here is my Santa Claus video again! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :bear:


Happy Friday everyone!!! I thought I’d take a minute to show you how to tune to B Standard. It’s a good way to get a 7 string sound. Without having a 7 string! :bear:

@TheCount do I sound English? I can’t do the accent right. lmao! :rofl:


It’s pretty good actually! I’d say it was probably the accent of an English man who’s lived in America for a while! A fun video!


My latest picking video. :bear:


You got that down, man! :+1: Don’t know if you ever had this problem but I thought I’d ask you since you get an awesome tone. Do you know how to get rid of the pick scraping sound on the high strings when playing with moderate to high gain?

I got a Yamaha THR10X practice amp for Christmas and it sounds great but when the gain is turned up I can hear the scritch scratch of the pick right before it plucks the string and it’s driving me crazy. Tried different picks, guitars, tone settings but no luck. Never noticed it before because I was playing unplugged or clean.

Cheers for the new year!


Hmm, you could try to reduce the edge on the picking. The leading edge angle that slices through the strings could be causing the scratching. If you anchor from the top of the bridge only, you could be increasing the Leading Edge as you track down… if this is the case you could try to let your bridge Anchor Point move with your tracking. This would make it easier to keep the pick flatter on the Unwounds.

I think I use Too Much pick depth. So I have that scratching problem and pick snag. Especially with real thick pics. Pick depth is something I should start paying attention to.

Mess with pick depth and less edge?


Sounds and looks good, Hank - very smooth my friend!


Happy Friday Guys!!! I am pulling the reverse headstock Kramer apart for the VH ii Bumble Bee paint!


Sneak Peak. Shhhhhhh.


How did you get the design so accurate?