Harmonic major,what You know about it?

Im searching for something about this scale:
cdefg a-flat b.

Natural major is cdefgab
Melodic major is cde f# g# a b
Harmonic minor is abcdefg#
Harmonic major cdefg as b ?

So… a major scale with a minor 6th?

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Mind sharing more detail about what you’re looking for? I mean, academic questions are totally fine, but are you trying to find examples for a particular thing? Trying to play something using this? Looking to learn more about related theory?

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I think so :slight_smile:

Basically yes, everything :slight_smile: the more infos the better

I dont know too much about it but I think there are 2 ways to look at it.

you could say its a major scale with a flat 6th…okay thats going to be used usually in a jazz context

OR it could be looked at as a harmonic minor scale with a major 3rd. Is that more of what u r looking for?

in any case, check this guys vids. great resource


Thanks, nice video but why part two never happened?
Anyway,I would like to watch something about this scale
in cotext of modal and tonal harmony,diatonic progressions etc

did you look at that list of vids? the next 2 down were the modes of Harmonic Major?

other than that u gonna have to google up lol

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I know it’s cool for death metal riffing, or at least some of its modes are if you’d rather think that way.

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If youre looking for info then Tom Lippincott’s lesson on the harmonic major at Mike’s Masterclass is the best I have ever seen. It is quite advanced and you need a good grasp of theory to appreciate it. It is very extensive though.



If you want the academic stuff then Rick beato has a video covering all these aspects.
But shawn baxter did a piece on it in guitar techniques magazine a couple of years back that was very very cool. He git a very Holdsworth like things from that scale.
If you’ll search YouTube for it you’ll find someone covering it

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Natural major and minor cdefgab / abcdefg
Harmonic major and minor cdefg a-flat b / abcdefg#
Melodic major and minor e f# g# abcd / abcdef# g#


In classical music theory basically that scale is used to get the IVm degree since normally in a major tonality the IV is a Major chord i.e.

C major has its IV degree which is F major (Root F, 3rd A, 5th C) .
Thus if we use F minor instead it woul be Root F, minor 3rd Ab and 5th C.

Which gives us the scale:

C D E F G Ab B C
1 2 3 4 5 6b 7

That IV minor is used in many classic chord progressions, specially going from F to Fm to G
Since that Ab works like a passing tone from A to G.
It’s used to derive that IV minor degree similar to the Harmonic Minor scale that was used to get that leading note by rising the 7th degree of the scale.

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I don’t think there is a Melodic Major. I think that would be the called Lydian Augmented

C D E F# G# A B

the 3rd mode of the Melodic Minor Scale used in jazz to play over Maj7#5 chords or #11#5 chords.

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Build Major Scales (Natural, Harmonic, Melodic)

Melodic Major Scale

The melodic Major scale was used in Eastern European folk melodies, but was ignored by most classical composers.

Today this scale, like the harmonic Major scale, is used in Jazz Music. The difference between a melodic Major scale and a harmonic Major scale is that in the melodic Major scale we have 7th degrees lowered by a half tone. For example in the C melodic Major scale, we have B-flat instead of B. So in all melodic Major scales we have 6th and 7th degrees lowered by a half step. Let’s build a C Melodic Major:

Yeah, that source gave me a headache. If you are data mining the U.S., I’d recommend sticking to more reputable sources.

[And I see I’m coming to the thread late.

The mode is part of the Lydian Chromatic approach. I’m inclined to just think of the traditional major scale having a useful added b6 a la Barry Harris and call it a day.]

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Actually there is. But Berkley guys call it ‘mixolydian b6’.

Melodic major and melodic minor are modes of each other, while this is not true for harmonic maj/min. So, h.major and h.minor have their own modes

In terms of main triads (TSD):
Nat. major - MMM
Nat.minor - mmm
Melodic major - Mmm
Melodic minor - mMM
Harmonic major - MmM
Harmonic minor - mmM

Harmonic major and minor include harmonic tetrachord (with half-whole-half). Btw there are scales with two harmonic tetrachords inside. Predictably they are called Double harmonic major and Double harmonic minor. But that’s another story

…I’m after you… ))

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