Has anyone ever found the "perfect" guitar for themselves?


FYI, Ibanez also has an only slightly overpriced re-release of the RG550 (HSH in a pickguard) in stores now. I assume the middle pickup can be lowered flush the same as on a strat.


Yeah Fry, but isn’t that 550 reissue 1k? Might as well take 1300 out of the bank bag, right after the red dye packs, and just get that beautiful Antique White, 2 humbucker prestige.



Good catch. I was thinking the current Prestige models were closer to 2k, but they have a lot to choose from around $1300/$1400, and with a nicer heel joint than the 550 reissue.

I’d actually be taking a long look at Schecter Sun Valley if I were shopping right now.


If I’ve found the perfect guitar for myself? Nope, but I (roughly) know its specs. :grin: I think that, even if I haven’t played everything on the market, I now know what specs I like, what I don’t like and what I would compromise on if other preferences are met. Unfortunately as a college student, the budget isn’t there at all! :sweat_smile:

To be fair and while not being a Prestige, the RG550 reissue is the cheapest Japanese-made guitar Ibanez offers at the moment.

The irony is that Road Flare Red is just as hard to come by and a very unique colour as well. :smile: Ben Eller described the process of just finding the right paint for one of his guitars in a video.


My hand built strat, my own hand built guitar my charvel and my LP all are perfect for me, but my strat probably takes them all…


lol, cool Lukhas. I was talking about the red dye packs they put in the bag when you rob a bank. :grinning:


Well, these do flare red on the road… ba dum tss

I am not endorsed by Ibanez. I’ll admit I’d want to try a RG2020X or a 2120X one day, as well as their seven string versions; preferably with a Lo-Pro Edge. Unlike the MusicMan JPs and Majesty, they have a locking tremolo system on top of having a piezo. It’s so unique that I’d gladly compromise with the Ibanez necks for that. I much prefer compound radii like Jackson or Schecter guitars, which tend to feature 12" to 16" radii.


I’ve come pretty close to the perfect guitar. After using guitars with licensed Floyds I completely got tired of the tuning problems. Also the nature of guitars to ”live” with the changes in temperature and moisture never really pleased me.

So I play Flaxwood, which is not wood, it is resin with (I think) spruce fibers. Basically it is wood, but artificial and even more dead. You have to kill wood twice to get it the way I like it.

I have the model Äijä, with fixed bridge and EMGs. No more problems with tuning, dead notes or the lacquer neck finish that is not very smooth to play on.

There is one thing, though. The volume knob is precisely on the way to the pickup switch. To change, you must go around or over it. Also the neck rod won’t allow using the thinnest strings. There is not enough tension for a proper bow.

Actually, I just realized it is still not the perfect guitar, but it is the first guitar I totally love.



Reminds me of Parker Fly. Ever heard of Aristides guitars? They make guitar out of synthetic materials. Good luck having the neck wrap. :stuck_out_tongue:


Since the 3 Kramers I fixed up are my thing style wise… I think I found #1

New guitar day


I think I got ripped off on the new guitar I got today… only 5 strings and all of the frets are missing! :slight_smile:


Here is the unboxing video I made of the new white Kramer. :bear::+1:


Wow that Kramer is awesome




Charvel Pro Mod DK 24 plays like dream


Dude, that guitar is badass. I wasn’t even aware they were doing the 24 fret thing. Nice.


How fat is the neck? I’ve been considering that exact guitar for a little while.


Not fat at all, it’s slightly smaller than my Ibanez premium. … if you get a chance to play these new Charvels you have to… they are just awesome. … I swapped out the bridge pickup though. … not a big fan of the full shred… went with my trusty JB…


A guy brought a pink RG to a party once. Pink body, pink painted headstock cap, pink pickup covers, pink knobs and pink mirrored pickguard. It was not to my visual liking but it played so well it was insane. I never found another RG that played as well though recently I found one that was in the neighborhood. I haven’t sprung for any as yet.

I own a couple of Jackson Soloists and it’s in the neighborhood biut not exactly, due to the compound radius fingerboard I also own a Kramer Stagemaster (like an archtop soloist, basically it’s an ESP Horizon with a Kramer headstock) and a standard strat and a 7 string Squier Stagemaster (plays stupid well for an inexpensive guitar) and a few other pieces but ultimately if you find something that lets you elevate your technique beyond what it was this morning, get it.