Has anyone ever found the "perfect" guitar for themselves?


Gratuitous shout out to my rep, Matt Emick a.k.a. Batman. :slight_smile: \m/


sweet looking Kramer. and it sounds good too!


I can’t speak for Kiesel (I’ve only played Carvins, which barring a few notable exceptions haven’t really impressed me), but my main guitar is a Suhr Modern 7 string, and prior to that I’d been a long-time Ibanez player. I’ve played a couple jaw-droppingly good Ibanez guitars over the years, and a whole bunch anywhere from “good” to “toneless planks.” I have yet to play a bad Suhr. I wasn’t aware they’d gotten trendy with the djent scene in the same way Kiesel has, and if that’s the case I’m sorry to hear it… But, Suhr makes VERY nice instruments. They’re also not all that extravagantly expensive, even compared to an Ibanez, unless you go down the fancy top rabbit hole.


Thanks @uglijimus :bear::+1:

@Drew Yeah, I don’t even remember what I said about Suhr. I can’t afford any of those guitars right now. The prices are ridiculous. I’m sure the Suhrs are great guitars man.


Eh, a base Suhr can be had new for about $2k. For what they are, that’s pretty reasonable.

Then again, the guitar I’ll take to the grave is still my American Strat I bought new back in '98 for less than half of that, and some of the guitars I’ve unexpectedly liked the most over the years I’d picked up used for only a couple hundred (including an '04 or '05 Ibanez RG1527 which had one of the best necks I’ve ever played), so it’s not like you NEED to spend that kind of money to buy a killer guitar.


I would say my moss green headless Holdsworth Carvin (now sold by Kiesel), but I’m finding that I really wish it had a cutaway under my forearm.


I like Sweetwater but I really hate the stalky phone calls for weeks because I bought some picks or strings.


Eh, get to know your rep. Mine used to call me occasionally to follow up after purchases, which depending on how you look on it is actually way over and above for customer service or a little creepy, but I gradually switched it to email (there were a few times where he called during working hours where I either didn’t want to, or literally couldn’t take the call, so I just shot him an email afterwards to apologize for missing the call and say thanks), and then have occasionally sent him an email with a question about something I was looking at. He figured out email is usually the easier way to communicate with me, so we’ve mostly stuck to that since then. Decent guy, he’s been pretty helpful on a couple occasions in the past, and they put candy in their shipping boxes - they’re easily my favorite of the “big” music shops to deal with.


Yeah, “creepy” is not how I would describe my rep. And the company is pretty up front about the personal business approach. I concur on getting to know one’s rep, and I suggest stating your preference not to be cold called/contacted.


Yeah, I think they’re awesome, personally.


I’m slowly…

getting there…


7 years after starting playing I switched to flying V (Randy Rhoads style) because I loved a particular signature model. It was perfect for my natural forearm rotation DWPS, but I never developed other motions (as UWPS with wrist deviation).

Superstrats always felt wrong to me, especially on the shoulder from the picking hand. I am 1,84 m (6 feet) and kind of slim and I think there is a link there.

However, learning more about CTC I knew I had to work on those newer movements, so I switched back to the superstrat shape and decided to sand a forearm bevel into my guitar.

With this bevel for the picking arm, guitar feels insanely good again. I’ve done it on many guitars since.


The next guitar is the perfect one :joy:


Hear, hear. For playing when standing I’ve come to see the bevel as critical. Cool that you’ve been able to get it done on several instruments.