Has the CtC Instagram page been deleted?


It’s giving me a “content unavailable” message :frowning:

Weird. When I hit our page, I got a box saying they had locked me out as a result of “unusual activity”, but wanted to send a code to my phone to reopen it. I did that, I’m seeing the page again.

Not sure what the activity was, but I can understand if they had weird login attempts. But not sure why they would blank it out for other users.

I assume it’s back up now?

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yes, it’s back now, thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ok cool thanks for letting us know about that!

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For a while I was using a third party app to track some metrics for my instagram. It was working fine for years, but eventually instagram didn’t like it (too many process requests in too short a period of time) and locked me out of my account for a few days. I know that’s different, but I think (keyword is “think”) instagram has been getting more intense about third party apps, for whatever that’s worth.

That, or somebody is trying to log in to steal all your secrets.


Interesting. It doesn’t surprise me that Instagram has become pickier over time. There has been a general trend toward two-factor and other tightening measures, and that seems reasonable given the times we live in.

We don’t use any third-party apps though, so this might have been somebody trying to log into our account. What third-party apps are you using? One thing I’d like to be able to do which I don’t think is currently possible is sort our followers by the numbers of followers they have. i.e. To find the highly followed people. If some noteworthy musician already follows our stuff and already likes us, that would be useful to know in terms of figuring out who to reach out to for interviews.

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